Anaplan Model Building: Learning the “Whys” and “Whens”

Have you already successfully completed Launchpad Training, Anaplan 102, or Anaplan 201? Then you’ve already learned what Anaplan is and how to model build within the platform.

Still curious?

To continue your ascent to Anaplan-actualization, the next step is to understand the WHYS behind using certain formulas (LOOKUPS vs. SUMS) and WHEN to deploy these tools and techniques. But where can you find this knowledge? Please visit our Enablement page for more information about Impetus’ 5-day immersion training program, designed to help you achieve professional fluency in Anaplan.

Thank you to Impetus’ own Matthew Daniel, Stephanie Kim, and Wendy Wen for collaborating to create this unique training curriculum.

Impetus Leads With Enablement

Anaplan Gold Partner Impetus Consulting Group would like to extend a warm welcome to its newest employees.

All of our new team members begin their Impetus journey with an intense 6-week internal enablement program which is heavily focused on developing Anaplan skills and competency.

How to Anaplan: Unleash Your Inner Model Builder

By popular demand, Impetus is now offering a public version of its Anaplan enablement. This rigorous 5-day immersion training is taught by Impetus Solution Architects and is available to existing Anaplan clients and partners. Participants will learn the fundamentals, techniques, discipline, and guardrails necessary to enable and empower burgeoning Anaplanners to channel their curiosity and unleash their inner Model Builder.

Please visit our Enablement page for more information about this unique training opportunity.