Anaplan Level 2 Certification: “Zoom a Friend” Office Hours

Impetus Experts to Lead Anaplanners Achieve Certification

Many of us have already completed our first step towards becoming Master Anaplanners, Anaplan’s Level 1, in most cases a while ago. The next step in the certification process is Anaplan’s Level 2 Model Building. This course is available on-demand from Anaplan and takes approximately 30-40 hours to complete. The training program includes over 40 micro-lessons (5-10 minutes in length).

It’s a valuable and rewarding exercise for folks who are honing their skills as Anaplan Model Builders but perhaps you are not sure how to get started or you’ve gotten stuck mid-way through it? To assist you with this effort, Impetus is making its own Solution Architects and Master Anaplanners available for free office hours via Zoom.

We’ve scheduled regular office hours with our experts every Tuesday and Thursday, starting April 16.

Office Hours Agenda:

  • 5 Minute Intro
  • Open Office Hours:
    • Note where you are on L2
    • Please be sure you’re comfortable sharing your screen
    • If you have any questions you’d like to send us beforehand, please send to 
  • 10-Minute Wrap Up
    • May include special topic demo on occasion

Please register using the link below. To ensure we provide quality coaching, we will be limiting office hour participants to the first 8 registrants. Please revisit this page frequently for updates about additional office hours and special topics that may be featured during certain office hours.

Date & TimeZoom Registration LinkImpetus TutorsSpecial Topics
Tuesday 7/7:
2-3 pm PDT
Click HereTBD
Tuesday 7/21:
2-3 pm PDT
Click HereTBD
Table will be updated on a weekly basis.

We look forward to seeing you!

** Previous Sessions **

Date & TimeZoom Registration LinkImpetus TutorsSpecial Topics
Thursday 4/16:
2-3 pm PDT
-Rajvi Desai
-Justin Erenstein
Tuesday 4/21:
2-3 pm PDT
-Rajvi Desai
-Justin Erenstein
Thursday 4/23:
2-3 pm PDT
-Rajvi Desai
-Jon Newcomb
Tuesday 4/28:
2-3 pm PDT
-James Straton
Thursday 4/30:
2-3 pm PDT
-Wendy Wen
-Jon Newcomb
Tuesday 5/5:
2-3 pm PDT
-Wendy Wen
Tuesday 5/12:
2-3 pm PDT
-Philip Kao
Tuesday 5/19:
10-11 am PDT
-Matthew Daniel

Working Well From Home

Impetus’ Solution Guide to Remote Work

Several years ago, I was asked to put together a presentation for the Impetus team on the topic of working remotely. I’ve been working primarily from home going back to 2012 when I was helping to run the operations of a multi-million-dollar professional service firm with a fairly large, distributed workforce. By now it’s a safe to say I am both a believer and advocate for its benefits.

From its inception, Impetus was organized to enable its people with the option to to work remotely by adopting fantastic, forward-thinking tools such as Box, Zoom, Slack, Trello, Workplace, and Anaplan. By effectively leveraging these tools and developing a culture around how they’re used, our growing team, including people across the US and now internationally, benefit from the tight-knit relationships they can help build. We have now been working remotely and using these tools for so many years, that it’s become second nature for us.

I was recently asked to share this presentation with our Keyrus colleagues and decided to commit the presentation to a recording for consumption. In case it might be beneficial to anyone new to working remotely, please find a recording of that presentation below.

Joshua Mueller, Director of Operations

You can view just the deck below:

Impetus’ Justin Erenstein Joins Anaplan University Connect for an Engaging SUNY Geneseo Enablement Event

Last week, Impetus Solution Architect and Master Anaplanner Justin Erenstein partnered with Anaplan’s Noelle Murphy to introduce 59 Managerial Accounting students from SUNY Geneseo to the Anaplan platform. The future Anaplanners participated in a 2-day on-campus bootcamp featuring Level 1 Model Building

Mr. Erenstein, a ’11 SUNY Geneseo grad, became aware of his alma mater’s desire to build out their Business Analytics credentialing opportunities and knew that Anaplan would be a great addition to the student’s curriculum.

Justin, who is one of Impetus’ Enablement professors and a CPA, leveraged his experience with Anaplan and Impetus’ training and enablement offerings to guide students through learning how to create lists, import data, and write formulas. He discussed with the class the distinct advantage graduating as a certified Anaplan model builder would give them in the job market and that Anaplan coupled with an Accounting degree can open the door to many opportunities. 

Next up on the student’s agenda will be to use Anaplan for an Activity-Based-Costing project.

Impetus Consulting Group, a Keyrus company, is a pioneer in Anaplan enablement offering both public and private classes. It offers instruction opportunities that range from Anaplan Level 1 Intro Model Building through Power Model Buildings and hosts their own educational YouTube channel. Impetus is an Anaplan Gold Partner with more than 50 employees and hubs in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, D.C. and Boston. For more information on our enablement offerings, please contact

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

Happy International Women’s Day!

We love getting together with the #ICGLadies to chat about why we joined Impetus and who our role models are. Our next topic will be focused on social media and its influence during the interviewing process. 

Celebrating all of the #WomenInTech and #ICGLadies making a difference today, and for the future. #internationalwomensday2020

Impetus Loves Our Growing Team

This week, Impetus Consulting Group, a Keyrus company, welcomed 11 new hires who are expanding our offices in Boston, NYC, DC, and Chicago. We are excited for them to begin on their Anaplan journey at Impetus as we continue to create more Anaplanners in the world!

Impetus Consulting Group’s Newest Team Members (February 2020)

Impetus Joins the Keyrus Group

The Keyrus Group makes strategic investment in Impetus Consulting Group – a leading player in EPM in the United States and a specialist in Anaplan®.

Alex CohenImpetus’s CEO, comments: “In joining the Keyrus Group, we see a fantastic opportunity to accelerate growth and partner with our clients on a global scale.  The future’s data-driven world is already with us.  Combining forces with the Keyrus Group enables us to offer our clients the opportunity to make data matter, today!”

Please see press release here for full detail..

Anaplan at NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show

Heading to NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show? Make sure to attend “How retailers are modernizing planning for the digital era” on Monday, January 13 from 3:15pm – 3:45pm. Anaplan’s panel discussion with Carter’s, L’Oréal, and Estée Lauder will provide an excellent opportunity to learn how brands and retailers are modernizing planning for the digital era.

Visit Anaplan at booth #635 on the Expo Floor to experience Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform.

Panel participant Estée Lauder has partnered with Impetus to deliver a Strategic Price Planning Solution using Anaplan. Download our document on “Strategic Price Planning in Anaplan” to learn more about the solution, and about how Estée Lauder and Impetus transformed a disparate, antiquated, Excel heavy process into a robust, global price planning and reporting solution for over 900 users.

Webinar: Gross-to-Net (GTN) Management Using Anaplan

5/21: Editor’s Note: This post has been edited to reflect the availability of a recording of the original live presentation

Move this complex process out of shared Excel spreadsheets into a powerful solution which will scale and flex as your business does. Click the title below to register for access to our the on-demand webinar Gross-to-Net (GTN) Management using Anaplan.

Anaplan and Impetus presented a GTN solution in a connected planning context at CBI’s GTN summit for biotech, pharma, and other life sciences companies of all sizes and stages. Miss the presentation? You can now view Impetus’ on-demand 30-minute webinar for a recap.

Gross-to-net (GTN) management is complex, dynamic, unique, and proprietary. Further, the impact of this time-consuming process on your organization’s financials is material. There is a need for well-defined processes and models to support accruals, true-ups, forecasting, reporting, and analytics. These models must also be flexible enough to change along with your business.

In this webinar we demonstrate how a typical pharmaceutical organization can approach building GTN processes in Anaplan. While every pharmaceutical organization handles gross-to-net differently, we present the flexibility of the Anaplan platform and walk through channel forecasting by brand, net sales forecasting, and accrual forecasting.

Learn more about Anaplan, a business user owned and operated platform that supports GTN management, and all of your organization’s connected planning needs.

Access Webinar Gross-to-Net (GTN) Management using Anaplan.

Impetus Power Model Building Course

Jump-start Your Model Builders’ 2020!

Formerly known as the Impetus Advanced Anaplan Accelerator course, the Impetus Power Model Building Course is developed to expand upon Anaplan’s Level 1 training with the most useful Anaplan concepts from Impetus’ team of experts.

Model builders review the most powerful formulas, functions, tips and tricks and design considerations – all conveniently compiled into a single Anaplan training model. Practice makes perfect, and model builders navigate through five (5) custom-built Anaplan exercises, all administered via Anaplan, to challenge their understanding.

Over this five-day full-time course, model builders translate conceptual understanding to real-world application, gaining valuable repetitions with common asks of any Anaplan implementation. Key model building best practices help ensure quality and sustainability.

This program empowers model builders and introduces a framework to develop a mindset of an Anaplan architect. Not only does this facilitate maintenance and sustainability of existing models, but also unleashes the potential to create designs for other business needs.

Contact us to schedule a private course to jump-start 2020 for your company’s model builders.