Why Anaplan is the Platform of Choice for Our Customers

Alex Cohen, Founder and President of Impetus Consulting, shares how the Anaplan platform helps solve challenges across multiple use cases, from sales planning to FP&A.

We are an Anaplan Partner, and we have long history of working within the EPM space across multiple industries, primarily focused around planning, budgeting, costing, and profitability.

I have been in the EPM space for about 20 years now, and I have seen the evolution of the technologies throughout that 20 years. I think I was introduced to Anaplan about three years ago through a demonstration, and two years ago I founded Impetus Consulting Group. And when I did, one of the key premises that we founded the organization on was using the best-in-class software tools to help our clients solve their problems, and Anaplan was a natural fit for that.

I think it really came down to ease of use, as well as the speed and rotation. The first model that I built was actually based off of a model that I had built in many other technologies. And it was actually pretty funny because I was building it in two different platforms at the same time, and it took me less than a third of the time to build in Anaplan than it did in the other platform, which just blew my mind.

The first project that I actually worked on with Anaplan was for a financial services firm. The modeling that they were looking to do was extremely complex so it was full integration between P&L balance sheet cash flow, as well as their financial model. And quite frankly it was probably the most challenging business solution that I had been involved in throughout my career. Being able to implement that successfully in Anaplan really just opened my mind to the power of Anaplan—it’s extremely successful, and they will just continue to grow the use cases.

Anaplan and Impetus work well together because we partnered from the beginning of the sales cycle all the way through the end of the implementation. So we are involved from the very beginning to help the prospects really understand the power of the platform, as well as provide them reference points against other platforms that they may be considering.