Our one-week immersion bootcamp will teach you to understand, speak, and think Anaplan. It will enable and empower you to channel your inner curiosity and unleash your inner Model Builder.

Impetus’ Solution Architects will provide you with the fundamentals, techniques, discipline, and guardrails to maximize your Anaplan experience. The origin of this rigorous program is our own internal six-week new-hire enablement program: a structured, repeatable program that has helped our organization meet a growing demand for Anaplan competency with wild success. Based on popular demand, we are now offering this instruction externally to Anaplan customers and partners.

About the Course: How to Anaplan: Unleash Your Inner Model Builder

Our program begins with understanding Anaplan fundamentals and how to write formulas. We then introduce the ICG Top 20 ConceptsTM and ICG Enablement ExercisesTM, which incorporate the fundamentals and techniques into practice. We regularly reference back to the Anaplan fundamentals to provide further opportunities to practice and imprint these concepts into your Anaplan thinking. On the final day of the course, your ICG Solution Architect trainers will be available for office hours, which is a great opportunity to ask how to incorporate what you have learned into to your company’s own Anaplan model .



· Workspace Administrator access to your company’s Anaplan work-space
· Anaplan 102 Certification (Online or Launchpad)
· Anaplan 201 Certification  (Recommended)


· Designated model builders, or aspiring model builders, who are new to the Anaplan journey.
· All Anaplan customers and partners are welcome.


Impetus schedules quarterly, publicly available training to Anaplan customers and partners.

In addition to our publicly scheduled training, Impetus offers private one and two-week versions of its enablement course.

Contact us at info@impetuscg.comfor dates and location of publicly scheduled courses or information on scheduling a private workshop.