Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is about getting timely reliable information to people who can:

Mature organizations measure and adapt.

As the business environment continues to accelerate, it is critical for organizations to have detailed analytics to evaluate past performance, adjust their strategy, adopt their plans for new objectives, realign resources and continue the cycle of measurement and adaption.

The Impetus Consulting Group team works with organizations to:

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) encompasses a number of disciplines, including:

The Impetus Consulting Group recognizes that decisions are only as correct as the available information you have to work with. When relevant information and EPM processes are closely aligned, a business can make well-informed decisions quickly and confidently.

We take a holistic approach to integrating these critical components of running any organization. Common sense dictates that the same drivers of profitability and cost should be leveraged in the planning process. Master Data and Enterprise Data should also be centrally managed and synchronized across the organization.