Impetus’ Justin Erenstein Joins Anaplan University Connect for an Engaging SUNY Geneseo Enablement Event

Last week, Impetus Solution Architect and Master Anaplanner Justin Erenstein partnered with Anaplan’s Noelle Murphy to introduce 59 Managerial Accounting students from SUNY Geneseo to the Anaplan platform. The future Anaplanners participated in a 2-day on-campus bootcamp featuring Level 1 Model Building

Mr. Erenstein, a ’11 SUNY Geneseo grad, became aware of his alma mater’s desire to build out their Business Analytics credentialing opportunities and knew that Anaplan would be a great addition to the student’s curriculum.

Justin, who is one of Impetus’ Enablement professors and a CPA, leveraged his experience with Anaplan and Impetus’ training and enablement offerings to guide students through learning how to create lists, import data, and write formulas. He discussed with the class the distinct advantage graduating as a certified Anaplan model builder would give them in the job market and that Anaplan coupled with an Accounting degree can open the door to many opportunities. 

Next up on the student’s agenda will be to use Anaplan for an Activity-Based-Costing project.

Impetus Consulting Group, a Keyrus company, is a pioneer in Anaplan enablement offering both public and private classes. It offers instruction opportunities that range from Anaplan Level 1 Intro Model Building through Power Model Buildings and hosts their own educational YouTube channel. Impetus is an Anaplan Gold Partner with more than 50 employees and hubs in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, D.C. and Boston. For more information on our enablement offerings, please contact