Working Well From Home

Impetus’ Solution Guide to Remote Work

Several years ago, I was asked to put together a presentation for the Impetus team on the topic of working remotely. I’ve been working primarily from home going back to 2012 when I was helping to run the operations of a multi-million-dollar professional service firm with a fairly large, distributed workforce. By now it’s a safe to say I am both a believer and advocate for its benefits.

From its inception, Impetus was organized to enable its people with the option to to work remotely by adopting fantastic, forward-thinking tools such as Box, Zoom, Slack, Trello, Workplace, and Anaplan. By effectively leveraging these tools and developing a culture around how they’re used, our growing team, including people across the US and now internationally, benefit from the tight-knit relationships they can help build. We have now been working remotely and using these tools for so many years, that it’s become second nature for us.

I was recently asked to share this presentation with our Keyrus colleagues and decided to commit the presentation to a recording for consumption. In case it might be beneficial to anyone new to working remotely, please find a recording of that presentation below.

Joshua Mueller, Director of Operations

You can view just the deck below: