Impetus Welcomes 15 New Hires

Impetus’ latest team members hail from Los Angeles all the way across the country to New York City, with stops in Chicago, DC, Boston and Dallas.

They come to us with diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds including advisory, economics, finance, human capital management, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and distribution, marketing, graphic design, risk management, data analytics, healthcare, cell/molecular biology, mechanical engineering, applied statistics, project management, business development, and business transformation.

All are connected by a common mission to create more Anaplan a-ha moments in the world.

We are excited to welcome them to the Impetus team: Bohan, Brad, Caroline, Charlotte, Diana, Ellen, Jackie, Jonathan, Laura, Megan, Monique, Nabeel, Timothy, Tom, Vivian!

Impetus Summer 2020 New Hire Class Meeting with our Enablement Instructors