Planning & Forecasting

shutterstock_2278592621-410x290Does your planning process support your ever changing business?
Are you mired in ‘spreadsheet hell’?
Are you not seeing the ROI and process improvement from the tool you implemented to replace all those spreadsheets?
We can help!

With increasing complex pressures from key stakeholders mandating the need to plan and forecast with faster turnaround, more accurately and looking farther into the future, the need to streamline the planning process and optimize your utilization of software investments has become strategic enabler for organizations.

The planning and forecasting process must add value by highlighting the impact of changing market and organization forces on future performance. The Impetus Consulting Group leverages best in class software solutions and proven optimized planning processes to enable teams to delivery continual strategic value to the organization.

Driver-Based Planning:

Do you understand and plan the true drivers of your business? Do you need to reduce the cycle time of your planning process? Driver-Based Planning forces organizations to identify, manage and focus on those drivers with the largest impact to the organization. This enables organizations to quickly react to changes in demand, capacity and market factors, while also reducing the overall cycle time of the planning process. Forward thinking, through driver-based planning, will enable you to manage your business more efficiently and ultimately provide a strategic advantage.

The Impetus Consulting Group has extrapolated Driver-Based Planning further by developing a process whereby organizations define relationships between key drivers, with the greatest correlation to other drivers, and those that are a result of the key driver. Both the key and resulting drivers can be leveraged in Profitability and Cost Management process as well as Scorecards, enabling organizations to both plan, track and report on detail profitability as well as key metrics.  Through guiding organizations in identifying these correlations, The Impetus Consulting Group enables clients to manage and leverage key drivers across the organization while closely integrating their Enterprise Performance Management process

Rolling Forecast:

Do you need better insight into future performance? Are you struggling to plan beyond this year or next? Rolling Forecasting increases insight into future performance by continuously extending the planning time horizon. This forward looking approach allows for greater flexibility to react to expected and unexpected changes in the business sooner and with more foresight than constantly starting from zero or only looking out a year to two. Coupled with Driver-Based Planning, Rolling Forecasting lays the groundwork for further reducing planning cycle times allowing resources to spend more time analyzing the business and thinking strategically about the future.