Project Delivery

shutterstock_105421997Project Management

Over the last few years a battle has been brewing in many organizations over the right approach for implementing technology solutions. With the rise of the Program Management Office (PMO), the demand for structure, documentation and detailed testing has come at odds with business users who desire a flexible trial and error framework, allowing them to think through their requirements as they see the results of previous decisions, with rapid turnaround.

Simply put: the battle between traditional waterfall and agile project management is ever growing.

The Impetus Consulting Group team has delivered successful projects under both approaches, as well as faced challenges with both. Neither is perfect nor is there a one size fits all project management approach.

With that, The Impetus Consulting Group leverages an iterative development approach that builds on our experience working with clients, to ensure that both the PMO requirements are met as well as the business has flexibility to enhance their requirements as they gain knowledge throughout the course of a project.

Business and Technical Analysis

During post implementation evaluation organizations and project team often find the root cause of projects going off course comes back to the quality of the original requirements. Through our collective years of consulting experience, we have learned to ask the right, and at times difficult, questions upfront to ensure both functional and technical requirements are clearly documented and vetted before design and implementation begins.

Software Selection

Every consultant has biases toward and away from specific software solutions. Even us. That’s why we work with organizations to define the criteria that matters most to them and weight the importance of each so that they are comfortable in their decisions. Our role is to shepherd clients through the software selection process, compile facts and feedback from other clients and provide opinions only when asked. We only succeed when our clients succeed. Therefore, our focus is guiding our clients with defining and measuring their success criteria, to ensure lasting buy-in throughout their organization.