Why Impetus?

Impetus Consulting Group is your true partner. We are invested in the long-term sustainability of the product of our collaboration and client achievement. At Impetus, we start each project with a comprehensive discussion about your business: your processes and technology, your quirks, your pain-points and your aspirations as an organization. We will help you visualize what’s possible and together implement a sustainable solution. Our high-caliber team never stops listening and learning.  They can address the challenges you are facing and provide realistic options. We are honest about what can and cannot be achieved. Impetus collaborates with your team in a way with that  ensures  your resources learn along the way and are equipped to  maintain and build upon the solution.  We are convinced  that the best solution is one that allows you to focus on the things that bring the most value to your professional life.


Impetus Consulting Group is a professional services firm focused on driving improved bottom-line profitability to our clients through actionable analytics and sustainable processes. We leverage best-in-class tools and proven methodologies to deliver sustainable value to our clients.  The Impetus team has a long history of implementing integrated solutions for Planning & Forecasting, Profitability, Strategic Cost Management and Business Intelligence. Our primary consulting service offerings include: